U.S. targets Huawei for seeking Apple information

The Information, which is known for strong reporting, has details of an Apple supplier who claims Huawei pressed him for information, apparently including his work on the Apple Watch.

I understand there was gambling in Casablanca.

This happens constantly in business. In about 1 in 10 phone calls, I am pressed for information about competitors if I might have any. Two weeks ago, a router manufacturer wanted to know what I knew about competitors software.

Any reporter who cares about her reputation would say no, as I did. If a multi-million dollar contract was at stake, it would be tempting. I’ve never been in that position.

I would be surprised if any company with 1,800 employees didn’t have people who sometimes pass the line. I certainly would expect that the hundred+ investigators the U.S. surely have digging up dirt on Huawei would find some. The fact that they have found so little suggests Huawei is more ethical than most companies in telecom.

If so many agents looked at Huawei’s chief competitors, Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung, I expect they would find much more. One of them continually makes obviously false statements on official submissions to the FCC. One of their product managers pushed me for inappropriate information.

From what I’ve seen over 15 years, I’m convinced Huawei is at least as ethical as Western companies.

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