Trump calls Intel, Micron, Google CEOs “lying hypocrites” (Opinion)

Intel and Micron busted Trump’s Huawei boycott by finding loopholes and resumed shipping to Huawei. Google very publicly called Trump’s demand they block Huawei from Google apps a major national security mistake.

Trump summoned to the White House Sundar Pichai of Google, Chuck Robbins, of Cisco, Robert Swan of Intel, Sanjay Mehrotra of Micron, Stephen Milligan of Western Digital Corporation, Steven Mollenkopf of Qualcomm, and Hock Tan of Broadcom.

“The CEOs expressed strong support of the president’s policies, including national security restrictions on United States telecom equipment purchases and sales to Huawei,” the White House said.

Washington is a city of lies, so perhaps that is what they told the President. Alternately, the CEOs might have been lying when (most of) them promised support for China.

Mollenkopf sold 60 million mobile chipsets to Huawei last year. Ren said Huawei would have bought 100 million chipsets as sales increased in 2019. Mollenkopf has been investing billions to convince the Chinese of his support.

Hock Tan strongly supports China, the home of his ancestors. I have a picture of him smiling with Chinese Minister Miao Wei. He didn’t support Trump that day.

Donald Trump also said, “I know all about 5G”

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