Topping Google salaries to hire 500 in Russia

Ren Zhengfei “Will pay even more than Google to attract talent to work on innovation in Russia. Students from the Novosibirsk State University have been the champions or runners-up in the International Collegiate Programming Contest for six consecutive years. Google paid salaries five or six times higher than normal to employ them. We will join the competition for talent.”

Huawei is opening three new research centres in Russia and plans to staff them with 1,000 engineers. 500 will be hired in the next year. Huawei is developing enormous resources in Russia and making large deals for equipment.

Huawei will build a 5G network for MTS, Russia’s largest mobile phone carrier. It has 100 million customers, more than any other European network has in one or two countries. Xi and Putin came together when the deal was announced.

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