Top 16 Huawei managers have worked together since 1997

All 16 of Huawei’s top managers have worked together since 1997, the longest-serving management team in technology. Their ability to work together is a strength of the company.

They have nine men who share the “rotating Chairmanship,” a unique management style that would be impossible if they did not have such close connections.

Ren started the company with almost nothing in 1987. The early years were hard, sometimes without the ability to meet the payroll. Guo Ping joined in 1988 and Hu Houkun in 1990. The rest joined by 1997.

Liang Hua 1995
Guo Ping 1988
Xu Zhijun 1993
Hu Houkun 1990
Meng Wanzhou 1993
Ding Yun 1996
Yu Chengdong 1993
Wang Tao 1997
Xu Wenwei 1991
Chen Lifang 1995
Peng Zhongyang 1997
He Tingbo 1996
Li Yingtao 1997
Yao Fuhai 1997
Tao Jingwen 1996
Yan Lida 1997

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