To conquer: TV, glasses, car

TV & Smart glasses in red

Huawei is soon to announce an 8K TV with a 5G connection, the first is what will be a strategic family of TV products. He Gang, President of the Consumer Products Division, included TV as one of the 8 primary products in Huawei’s “1 + 8 + N” future plans.

While the TVs have longed been rumored, the surprise was that He listed “smart” glasses as a second primary product. Perhaps in a few years, many of us will be walking around with augmented reality glasses. If so, Huawei wants to supply them.

Google Glasses failed because the technology was too early. Google is now bringing then back for business uses. Huawei hopes to catch a wave in a few years.

The screens will presumably come from BOE’s giant new Wuhan factory, the world’s largest. (Corning has built a Wuhan glass factory to supply BOE.) The 10.5 generation plant is completed and is ready to start producing 65″ and 75″ screens.

The “1” of course refers to mobile phones, which will be the controllers. The 8 are PCs, tablets, TVs, audio, glasses, watches, automotive, and headsets. The “N” includes mobile office, smart home, sports health, audio and video entertainment and smart travel.

Huawei has no choice but to diversify if it wants to continue rapid growth. The telecom equipment business is flat to down. Mobile phones are down. Business demands for servers is flat to down.

To grow, it has to disrupt other markets.

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