The Pain of Letting Honor Go

Many of the 6,000 Honor/Glory employees cried at the announcement. Ren made a remarkable speech.

“Don’t feel bad about Huawei, think about your future! In the future, we are competitors. …It is not certain who wins or loses? We will not be polite to you. Some of you seek to defeat Huawei in the competition. They are heroes. Don’t reject them.” 

QQ News reports

“Let’s see you dear mother, please kiss your son goodbye, see you mother, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, wish us a safe journey…”

With the singing, many Huawei and Honor executives burst into tears. At 4 pm on November 25th, the honorable farewell party at Huawei’s Bantian headquarters in Shenzhen was dignified. At the opening, all participants sang “Chinese Men”, “Unity is Strength” and “Song of Communist Youth League Members.”

A Huawei employee who participated in the farewell party told “Deep Net”, “Huawei will sing “Chinese Man” for induction training and important meetings. This time, “The Song of the Communist Youth League Member” should be sung by President Ren. Participants sent emails asking everyone to prepare in advance.”

Honor is already buying chips that Huawei couldn’t and prepare to introduce half a dozen new phones.

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