Jury say no to Huawei’s trade secret claims

Yiren Huang worked for Huawei designing NVMe storage controllers from 2011 to 2013. He left and co-founded CNEX, a company that specializes in similar chips.

Huawei contended Huang appropriated Plaintiffs’ trade secrets and poached fourteen Huawei employees. Huawei sued, but after a six-week trial a Texas jury refused to accept Huawei’s claims. It did decide “that Huang violated his Patent Agreement by not disclosing the patents he filed on behalf of CNEX.”

However, it refused to award damages to Huawei because the “violation did not harm Plaintiffs.” The jury also did not award any damages for CNEX’s counterclaims. No money or patents changed hands.

CNEX has since raised US$23 million from Microsoft, Dell, and others.

U.S. targets Huawei for seeking Apple information

The Information, which is known for strong reporting, has details of an Apple supplier who claims Huawei pressed him for information, apparently including his work on the Apple Watch.

I understand there was gambling in Casablanca.

This happens constantly in business. In about 1 in 10 phone calls, I am pressed for information about competitors if I might have any. Two weeks ago, a router manufacturer wanted to know what I knew about competitors software.

Any reporter who cares about her reputation would say no, as I did. If a multi-million dollar contract was at stake, it would be tempting. I’ve never been in that position.

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FBI attacking Huawei for testing “unbreakable” diamond-coated screen

It’s essentially impossible for a company with 180,000 employees around the world not to occasionally go over the line. With the U.S. and other security forces investigating massively, they are sure to find something.

“Nobody’s perfect” as Joe E. Brown said to Marilyn Monroe. My observation is that Huawei is at least as ethical as other large companies and more careful than most.

Adam Kahn has developed a break resistant glass screen for cellphones which is coated on one side with a microthin layer of artificial diamond. He sent a sample to Huawei in San Diego for testing. It was broken when returned.

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