Huawei new TIANGANG chip for millions of base stations

Huawei has a realistic hope of shipping 100,000 5G base stations in 2019 and millions more in future years. That allows them to amortize the chip development cost over a large volume. (Chips like this cost tens or hundreds of millions to develop.)

Nomura analyst Bing Duan estimates China will deploy 172,000 bases in 2019, more than the entire rest of world. Huawei and ZTE usually get 30%-40% of the orders, taking Huawei much of the way to 100,000 units.

China Tower expects 2,000,000 by 2022-2023. Bing sees 5,000,000 total by 2025. Those figures seem a miracle to Westeners but China has performed miracles in the past. The country has 344 million fibre homes connected. Most were delivered in four years.

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