Huawei far ahead in AI surveillance

Huawei, at left, is in 50
of the 75 countries

Huawei is far ahead of all rivals in surveillance using artificial intelligence, according to the Carnegie Endowment. (Larger image below.) IBM, Cisco, and Palantir combined are in 26 countries. Hikvision is in 15 countries, NEC in 14. Nearly all of those 75 countries are doing facial recognition. No one reading this needs me to add my opinion to the data.

Steven Feldstein discovered, “Liberal democracies are major users of AI surveillance. The index shows that 51 percent of advanced democracies deploy AI surveillance systems. In contrast, 37 percent of closed autocratic states, 41 percent of electoral autocratic/competitive autocratic states, and 41 percent of electoral democracies/illiberal democracies deploy AI surveillance technology1 Governments in full democracies are deploying a range of surveillance technology, from safe city platforms to facial recognition cameras.”

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