$1.4B new Shanghai centre for 30,000 researchers – with apartments

Looks idyllic

“Come work for Huawei and we’ll give an apartment!” New graduates have a terrible time finding housing, especially in Shanghai or Beijing. Ren has decided to compete for the best talent in the world. The apartments going up in the Shanghai Qingpu research park will lure some of the best to Huawei.

In China, the company is offering a handful of top PhDs as much as US$300,000. Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and the other Chinese giants are competing for graduates. It is hiring 15,000 this year.

Huawei has 15 large research centres around the world, backed by a huge R & D budget. It is the only company in communications that is investing heavily in basic science.

Why Shanghai when headquarters are in Shenzen? The company didn’t say, but I’d guess the nightlife is much livelier in Shanghai.

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