Huawei first in 3GPP security testing

Under pressure, Huawei has invested $tens of billions in security. It only makes sense that it is tking the lead in conventional security testing. 3GPP, the industry’s standards body, confirms Huawei is the first to pass GPP’s Security Assurance Specifications (SCAS) testing in both LTE and 5G.

While an important symbol, it’s very hard to extrapolate from testing to truly effective security, No one is certain what threats will arise in the 5G era, It’s highly likely many new issues will be discovered for which there is no test plan, 5G will involve many more components, many of them cheap IoT devices. Many experts are fearfulof the enlarged “Attack Surface.”

Nor does testing like this tell us much about the real issue, penetration by a nation-state. The Russians have recently cracked slews of US government systems. The hacking group Cozy Bear penetrated, among others, the US Department of (Nuclear) Energy. Separately, Microsoft was deeply breached.

The real evidence on security is deeply classified and often distorted for political purposes. Neither I nor anyone not a part of the security apparatus can provide real answers.

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Blasphemy: The US problem is Huawei’s security is too good

Everyone knows the $100B/year US security apparatus taps almost the entire Internet. Friendly governments help from Australia to Canada to France. Companies like AT&T, Ericsson, Verizon, and Nokia obviously cooperate.

The NSA assumes that China is attempting to do the same and that Huawei as a Chinese company will provide assistance. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Huawei is the primary opponent of US security. Hundreds of expert agents have been looking for evidence of Huawei spying. They haven’t found anything. The dog hasn’t barked. Almost certainly, little or nothing is going on.

Could it be that Huawei’s offence is not cooperating with US spying, unlike Nokia & Ericsson? I have no evidence, but it’s a plausible inference.

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World telcos push for Huawei

GSMA lobbies for all the giant telcos. Nothing in this release about security mentions Huawei but everyone knows that’s the real subject. Telcos know that losing a supplier would raise prices. Huawei has earned respect through 15 years of hard work.

One comment is almost certainly a mistake. Cutting out Huawei would not, “delay 5G deployment by years across Europe.” Huawei is ahead of Ericsson and Nokia in many things, but not years ahead. Huawei does well when telcos compare it with the Europeans, but Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsumg are also very, very good.

If I headlined GSMA says Ericsson, Nokia years behind in 5G, Matts Granryd would get some very angry phone calls. That’s the implication of what they wrote, probably without thinking.

GSMA could makes strong points on this subject without stretching the truth.

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Top spook says “No Huawei spying.”

Robert Hannigan was Head of GCHQ, Britain’s equal of the U.S. NSA. Before that, he was the Prime Minister’s Security Adviser. England and the U.S. work together on security so he probably knows more about the spy stuff than anyone else in Europe.

In the Financial Times, Hannigan just wrote “Blanket Bans on Chinese Tech Companies Like Huawei Make No Sense” R| Feb. 12, 2019

“The UK National Cyber Security Centre has never found evidence of malicious Chinese state cyber activity through Huawei.” He was in charge.

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U.S. security people urge European telcos to us Huawei. ?Satire

Reuters reports an anonymous U.S. official “we are urging folks not to rush ahead and sign contracts with untrusted suppliers.” Given that nearly all telco executives see Huawei as one of their most trusted suppliers, that should be interpreted as the U.S. urging them to buy from Huawei.

Huawei today has the most extensive security review of any telco supplier. Britain has a high level committee of experts with complete access. Chancellor Merkel this week proposed that Germany should set up a similar review, with support from Deutsche Telekom.

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