Huawei planning $300 5G phone

Peter Zhou told FT “Next year, some people say we may see [5G] smartphones at $300 and I think that’s very much possible.” That price makes sense.

Huawei sells the Mate 20 Lite for about US$250. The additional parts for 5G probably cost US$30-60 this year. By next year, the price for the 5G parts – and the basic phone – will be lower.

All the 5G phones shipping today cost over US$1,000, establishing an image of luxury. The high cost hasn’t deterred the Koreans, who sold more than 400,000 the first two months. (Some with a carrier subsidy,)

The US$600-700 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G phone with slider is available already from Vodafone in England.

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