Huawei Matebook is not like every other notebook

The camera is built into the keyboard and pops up when used. You can pair the PC with selected Huawei phones to run apps and move files, with NFC making the connection. Matthias Kremp calls it a “smartphone whisperer.”

Huawei is going after the MacBook Air with this machine. The resolution is 3000 x 2000, higher than the Air. The price is also higher than the Air in some configurations. It’s only 3 pounds and a little more than a half-inch deep. Like the Air, the power button turns on the machine and verifies your fingerprint.

It has a sensitive touchscreen that fills nearly the entire body (91%.) By putting the camera on the keyboard, there’s no need for a notch on the screen. It’s good for security but the angle is unflattering for video calls.

It has quad speakers and quad microphones. The later have intelligent noise reducing features so that voice features work well. Possibly even dictation.

According to the reviews, Huawei has a machine in the class of the MacBook for people who don’t want to buy

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