Gross idiocy from the Donald

Years of intense effort by the world’s greatest spy agencies have found no spying by Huawei, and certainly nothing significant. But Donald Trump needs his alternate reality.

From The Hill:

Trump said to“Fox & Friends” on Monday that Huawei was able to “spy on us” through the use of their equipment in telecommunications systems, describing the company as “a disaster.”

“They used to have free reign over our country,” Trump said. “They knew everything we were doing. Huawei is really, I call it the ‘Spy-wei.’ What happens is Huawei comes out and they spy on our country. This is very intricate stuff. You have microchips, you have things that you can’t even see. They spy.”

“With the U.K., we said, we love Scotland Yard very much but we’re not going to do business with you because if you use the Huawei system, that means they’re spying on you, that would mean they’re spying on us,” Trump said. “And I’ve gotten just about every country to drop it.” 

The Hill was irresponsible not simply calling this an outrageous lie.

BBC uses unproven claims by U.S. gov agents

Nokia is scrambling not to lose US$2 billion a year of sales in China. CTO Marcus Weldon stuck his foot in his mouth at the BBC, making much of an obviously biased report about Huawei security.

The claim, “In virtually all categories we studied, we found Huawei devices to be less secure than comparable devices from other vendors,” was made by an outfit called Finite State. They are contractors to the U.S. security forces and some are former employees.

Marcus piled on thoroughly unproven claims of Huawei security problems. Huawei’s software has some problems. So does all software, including that of the U.S. National Security Agency.

Once the U.S. decided to go to war against Huawei, of course a massive propaganda and disinformation campaign began. Truth is always the first casualty of any war, and the CIA has specialized since 1947 in “presenting the U.S. position in a form that is most convincing.”

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