Huawei to Apple: Join us in Harmony

Zhang Qiaoming of Huawei invited Apple to add an interface and join the Hongmeng ecosystem. “If Apple can add interfaces, we do not exclude any manufacturer from embracing the ecology with us.”

Apple is highly unlikely to work with Huawei today. If DC gives up the war on Huawei, Apple may be well advised to join with the Hongmeng ecosystem in three or four years. Huawei’s goal is for Hongmeng to dominate the ICT world. There’s a long way to go; the programmers’ IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is not yet available.

Harmony/Hongmeng is intended to be much more than a replacement for Android. It will be a complete operating system for everything in your home, office, or car. It will be “The Internet of Everything,” controlled by the Huawei Cloud.

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