U.S. Offering Deal to Meng; Case always was b______

WSJ says the US is willing to essentially abandon the massive international case through a “deferred prosecution agreement” that would contain no real penalty. The US spent $millions trying to prove Meng committed serious bank fraud. It was obviously political; the bank was not ripped off, even if the Huawei work in Iran was minimized.

From the WSJ:

[Meng’s lawyers] have spoken to Justice Department officials in recent weeks about the possibility of reaching a “deferred prosecution agreement.” … Ms. Meng would be required to admit to some of the allegations against her but prosecutors would agree to potentially defer and later drop the charges if she cooperated.
Ms. Meng has so far resisted the proposed deal, believing whe did nothing wrong.

If the U.S. could prosecute Meng for doing business with Iran, the chief executives of Nokia and Samsung would need to live in fear. Samsung is the #1 seller of mobile phones in Iran. I reported more than a year ago that Nokia was also active in Iran. They confirmed it.

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