Respect for Ryan Ding

Huawei and its people have earned enormous respect from the top tech people at carriers around the world. I first reported Huawei in 2004 after Paul Reynolds of BT shared his enthusiasm. As other telco leaders worked with Huawei, many found a strong partner.

“Huawei vice-chairman Ding Yun – better known to the worldwide industry as Ryan Ding – died of a suspected heart attack within hours of completing the Beijing marathon on Thursday,” Alan Burkitt-Gray writes. He reported an outpouring of sentiments from Europe.

Olaf Swantee, former CEO of Orange and EE in the UK, and of Sunrise in Switzerland, wrote on LinkedIn: “We met for the first time in early 2012 when we laid plans to transform the UK’s mobile infrastructure by launching 4G. From the beginning, he inspired me with his incredible energy, technical know-how, and project management skills.”

Enrique Blanco, director of systems and networks at Telefónica, wrote: “A huge professional. I received with sorrow and astonishment his death. My condolences to his family and the Huawei family. The world of telecommunications is today in mourning.”

BT’s CTO Howard Watson added: “Really sad to hear of Ryan’s premature passing. I agree that without the amazing early relationship the EE network would not be where it is today.”

I share their sorrow.

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