Huawei/UNICOM Breakthrough: “Cell-free,” “Distributed Massive MIMO”

Theorists claim a “cell-free” wireless system can roughly double the capacity in the same amount of spectrum. UNICOM is now deploying D-Massive MIMO in indoor locations like stadiums and railroad stations. Multiple Huawei Lampsite 5G are joined together in a “Distributed Indoor System.” The Chinese telcos are looking for indoor units that cost in the low four figures, much less than current “small cells.”

Rather than each Lampsite being a traditional cell, they are all managed in coordination. Up to 64 receive & 64 transmit antennas are centrally managed and optimized.

Essentially, they are all one logical system, reorganized for performance as demand shifts. The software to make this work well needs to be very sophisticated; it must constantly adapt to changes in data traffic.

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