Survive & Thrive: $121,800,000,000 240M phones

Huawei’s Q4 sales were $36,000,000,000. Sales for 2019 were up 18%. 55 million phones sold for a total of 240 million on the year.

Huawei will “survive and thrive,” I wrote the Washington Post back in May. I had researched the components Huawei needs; all but a handful could be sourced outside of the U.S. It had over $30 billion in cash to provide a cushion, with little debt.

The Chinese government was not going to let its premiere industrial company fall behind. It has countered the U.S. attacks around the world. Both India and Germany came under enormous U.S. pressure. Neither has bolted.

5G in China is providing a remarkable boost. China is on track to have 150 million 5G phones by the end of 2020. That’s likely 10 times as many as any other country.

130,000 radios are in place; over 400,000 will be added in 2020. The Minister said, “accelerate” and the results are remarkable. China will be over 2/3rds of the 5G market this year, leaving everyone in the dust. DC claims the U.S> can be #1 are a joke.

Huawei is benefiting enormously from the growth in China. It nows has over 40% of the Chinese phone market. The Chinese people are switching to Huawei, in a spontaneous show of patriotic support. In 2020, China is likely to meet or exceed the 400 million phone sales of the last few years.

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