Apple passing Huawei Q4?

Trendforce predicts Apple will regain second place in smartphone sales this quarter. Apple is always strongest in the fall with new models. Some thought Apple sales would be handicapped because people want 5G, but Trendforce doesn’t see that in the data. (Below)

They are probably correct because they have figures for product orders. Apple is building 69M phones in Q4, presumably based on sales. Apple sales are likely to slip off next quarter and Huawei could regain #2.

The Google ban is starting to hurt, especially in Europe. It doesn’t affect existing models, which continue to sell well. HongMeng/Harmony and Huawei’s alternative to the Google App Store and services is not quite ready. If the US boycott continues, Huawei sales in Europe will be hurt the next few quarters as well.

H. has literally thousands of engineers and is starting to bridge the gap.

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Huawei looks to ship 50,000-80,000+ bases in China in 2019

Update July 30: China is accelerating the 5G build and the figure will be much higher.

The news broke that 90,000-150,000 Chinese 5G sites will go live in October and things will accelerate after that. Ericsson will probably get 10% of the order, part of a political deal China reached with the EU several years ago. Nokia Shanghai Bell opted out because Suri thought the price was too low.

Huawei and ZTE will fight for the rest of the contract. Ren said, “Last week, in public bidding by China Mobile, we won contracts to build 5G networks for 37 of the 40 cities.”

The Chinese will have far more 5G in place by year-end than the entire Western World. The three giant telcos will quickly expand to over a million base stations and absorb an enormous amount of equipment.

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