Subsidized chip design companies looking to supply Huawei

Kenneth Rapoza at Forbes writes regional government chip companies have been making “Mass purchases of electronics design automation (EDA) software” according to Koki Inoue, principal researcher at the Economic Research Institute of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry. told Nikkei in a report dated back in June

Companies headed by the muni governments in China began setting up shop to develop a new fabless semiconductor manufacturer base. These new limited liability corporations are believed to number in the hundreds across the country and were set up in a matter of months.

Inoue’s research shows a surge in local government purchases of EDA software, which then is used by the new fabless makers to make the necessary chips.

SCMP is worried that China is spending so much on chipmaking it will have overcapacity. That’s a good problem to have when chip capabilities are part of a trade war.

China will do whatever is necessary to protect Huawei,

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