Senator Rubio: “Credibility of Trump warnings destroyed.”

Even the extreme rightwing Senator believes security warnings about Huawei will no longer be believed:

If President Trump has agreed to reverse recent sanctions against #Huawei he has made a catastrophic mistake. It will destroy the credibility of his administration’s warnings about the threat posed by the company, no one will ever again take them seriously.

Rubio lets his biases cloud his judgment on many international issues. In particular, he roasted Larry Strickling for “giving away the Internet” in the ICANN transition. Actually, Strickling did a brilliant job of protecting the Domain Name Service from true international control.

Yes, Larry did give up the U.S. government’s nominal contral of the DNS to the nominally independent ICANN. But the board of ICANN was and is dominated by a strong majority of Americans and Europeans who fundamentally agreed with the U.S. policy.

The ICANN Board also chooses their successors. That almost guarantees that ICANN in the future will continue to support the U.S> point of view.

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