Ren “Moreover, 5G has actually exaggerated its role”

” Human society has no such urgent need for 5G. People’s current needs are broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband ”

“4G, which is enough for use.”
“4G we provide can reach 300~400 megabytes”

Ren is echoing what the technical community knows. The 4G advances are more than enough for 97% of practical purposes. In Google Translation more

“5G has actually exaggerated its role, and more people have exaggerated the achievements of Huawei. Because we ran too fast, our young people couldn’t hold back their excitement, and when they talked about it, they exaggerated things. In fact, human society has no such urgent need for 5G. People’s current needs are broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband. 5G has a very, very large connotation. The occurrence of these connotations requires more demand and a long period of time. Don’t think of 5G as a wave, the tide is coming, wealth is coming, catch it quickly, and you can’t miss it. The development of 5G must be slow. Japan and South Korea are still 4G, and Japan and South Korea are very good at using 4G, which is enough for use. Our 4G is not used well. Opening my mobile phone is only 20~30 megabytes. In fact, the 4G we provide can reach 300~400 megabytes, which is enough to watch 8K TV. But our network, when opened during the day, only two or thirty trillion, can only see 4K, can not see 8K TV. why? The network structure is not good. What is the bad network structure? There is still no mathematician studying the network structure of operators . Therefore, the problem of network structure has not been solved, and 5G is similar to 4G. It’s like my mouth is big, but my throat is very small. I can’t swallow a large piece of meat. Therefore, the base station that is not 5G is omnipotent, so don’t worry about it. 5G next estimated to enter the millimeter wave, millimeter wave is as long as you double the money, the bandwidth can be increased by one hundred times, that is, you can download dozens of high-definition video in one second, which we can all in the laboratory Made completely. 5G is not yet fully utilized for the time being, too fast. “

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Absurdities in anti-Huawei U.S. bill

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas claims, “Huawei is effectively an intelligence-gathering arm of the Chinese Communist Party whose founder and CEO was an engineer for the People’s Liberation Army. … they should receive nothing less than the death penalty-which this denial order would provide.”

This is ridiculous. It’s certainly possible that sometime in the last decade, Huawei somewhere cooperated with its government. Cisco, Microsoft, and Intel regularly do so. No evidence has been presented, making it wildly unlikely it regularly “gathers intelligence.”

Should China demand the “death penalty” for Verizon, which almost certainly assists the U.S. government worldwide surveillance. Should Twitter be destroyed for taking an active role in Iranian politics? 

If the Chinese leadership isn’t stupid, they are carrying out a crash project to produce alternatives to the few products not currently “Made in China.”

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Huawei AI chip in unbelieveable Remo camera

The OBSBOT Tail (left) can automatically track a basketball player across the court in a crowd or track a skateboarder up and down across the rink. No cameraman needed.

Do watch the videos below. It’s on a three-axis gimbal and can rotate a full 360 degrees while shooting 4K.

Inside is a Huawei HiSilicon 3559A AI chip which delivers teraflops of computing power. The system can recognize hand gestures for control, adjust camera parameters based on the scene, and track a person despite the people around her.

The camera is available on Kickstarter for about US$500. Do click through and watch amazing video.

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Huawei exec arrested in Poland

Weijing Wang, Huawei sales director, was arrested on suspicion of spying. No evidence was presented that the company was involved or approved. An executive from Orange was arrested as well. No other information has been released. Update: Huawei fired him.

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Huawei fighting for reasonable royalties

Huawei has brought InterDigital to court in China demanding a reasonable royalty. U.S. and British courts are part of a broken system that if unchecked would add 40% to 70% to the cost of an inexpensive smartphone.* That’s unacceptable if you believe connecting the world is important.

Huawei initially won a ruling in China that a “reasonable” royalty “should not exceed 0.019% of the actual sales price of each Huawei product.”

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Busted for using iPhone on Huawei Twitter

From China Weibo to U.S. AppleInsider, stories appeared that a post on Huawei’s Twitter account used an iPhone. Huawei promptly cut the salaries of the employee responsible and his boss by US$700 and dropped them in job class.

Apparently, Huawei’s VPN wasn’t working, a common problem for people accessing Twitter in China. The guy found an iPhone with a Hong Kong SIM and posted New Year’s greetings. The post automatically included “Twitter for iPhone.” From OFWeek, the Huawei report.

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Security and Resilence are Jobs #1

Dec 27, Ren wrote, “We want to put credibility as the first priority, on top of features, features, and schedules. Unless the customer trusts our products, these excellent features have no chance to be worthwhile.”

” We need to reconstruct the corrupted architecture and historical code … even the best architecture has limited vitality. As time goes by … the architecture will be corrupted”

Over the past 100 years, many successful companies in the world have fallen because they cannot adapt to change. 

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Fire is the Test of Gold

Guo Ping’s New Year Message. “Setbacks will only makes us more courageous, and incredibly unfair treatment will drive us to become the world’s number one. Behind the greatness is suffering, difficulties and pressure will only make us more united and stronger. We will be able to realize our vision and mission: bring the digital world to everyone, Every family and every organization builds a smart world. … On the contrary, these extreme unfair events have pushed us to the top of the world.”

Sales are US$108 billion, up 21%. 200 million phones, 10,000 5G base stations, and more. Anyone trying to understand Huawei will want to read the whole speech. (In English)


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Meng Diary in Google translation

Last night, a letter from the Japanese , a small screen in the circle of friends , really warmed me! If the sentence has been said many times, the human being has its own true feelings. When he encounters a crisis, he knows that he has been cared for by so many strangers. On the day of bail, I waited in the court to go through the formalities. The lawyer chatted with me and said that many strangers called the law firm and said that they would use my property to guarantee me, even if they didn’t know me at all, they didn’t even I know, but they know Huawei, they recognize Huawei, so they are willing to believe me. My lawyer said that he has been in business for forty years and has never seen anything like this, which is willing to guarantee for strangers. Listening to the lawyer’s words, I couldn’t help but burst into tears, not crying for myself, but for so many people who would trust me and trust me. When the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, I happened to be in IBM , USA.Headquarters, participating in the one-week workshop, in the final round of detailed communication with IBM senior financial experts for the launch of IFS changes and the scope of IFS changes.

  At that time, the company had just decided to create emergency plans for finance and funding, in the case of war, plague, turmoil, earthquakes, etc., The financial and business teams jointly worked out emergency plans in various scenarios. We organized drills on weekdays for disasters.

When the occurrence occurs, the plan can be quickly started, and various departments of the company can quickly assemble and respond quickly according to the design of the plan. Because I really can’t leave in the United States, let Sun Zong go to Japan alone.

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Tourism sites giving support

Most Chinese believe supporting Huawei against a foreign attack is patriotism. Quartz reports Henan’s Shennong Mountain, a famous geological site in central China, will admit any tourist who owned a Huawei mobile phone into the park free of charge for two weeks. Laoshan Baiyundong, a famous mountain in Hebei that’s considered the cradle of Taoism, followed suit. offering free admission (link in Chinese) to Huawei phone users for six days.

Every Chinese school child knows of the “Unfair Treaties” imposed after the Opium Wars. The Chinese now are able to fight power with power. They have no intention of losing.

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Dave quoted about Huawei pricing

Ken Hu said adding Huawei to the bidding in Australia would bring down prices. COMMSDay printed this that I said “Adding Huawei to the bidding often brings down prices 10-25%. I consulted on a deal nearly a decade ago where they bid about 30% lower. Everybody bids more aggressively when they get competition. But Huawei no longer has to bid so low. No one in the industry any longer doubts that Huawei products are comparable to the best. Every deal in telecom is different and bid privately, so no one can give a definitive answer.”

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