October Sales Gain “Only” 17%

The Google Apps and Store ban is hurting phone sales, especially in Europe. With explosive 5G growth in China, Huawei’s total sales continue to grow far above the industry average. The result is October 2019 sales only 17% higher than October 2018.

Huawei’s smartphone sales outside of China fell 6% year-on-year last quarter, and that followed a plunge of between 12% and 17% in overseas shipments in the second quarter, data from IDC and Canalys showed. CNN

It seems like half the net is addicted to Google Mail, as I am. I have so much history and so many contacts there it would be a real pain to switch. For more competition in software, you need to be able to take your data with you.

The sales fall outside China will likely increase in the next few months. Google works fine on older model Huawei phones, still a large part of sales. As the earlier phones get outdated, the impact should increase.

Over time, Huawei and others will build stronger alternatives to Google apps. Most app vendors will make sure their apps work fine with Huawei’s Google alternative. Huawei has committed over US$1 billion to developers who port to Huawei tools.

Even more important, Huawei is charging app developers 50% less than Google or Apple. The US companies rake off 30% of the proceeds of apps. Huawei only wants 15%.

Any smart developer from now on hopes users will download from Huawei rather than Google or Apple.

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