Meng extradition to U.S. advancing

Months or years in court. I nearly laughed out loud at a Canadian Department of Justice statement, “Canada is a country governed by the rule of law. The decision on whether to issue an authority to proceed was made by Department of Justice … officials who are part of a non-partisan public service.”

Chinese official Xie Maosong thinks the Canadians will resist U.S. political pressure. “My personal assessment is that there should be some sort of deal in March and Meng Wanzhou will likely be released in April or May.”

If lying to bankers were a criminal offense, Donald Trump would be on the way to jail after Michael Cohen’s testimony. Trump, according to Cohen, repeatedly added US$billions to his bank filings.

The U.S. probably has no case for extradition without the (mostly trivial) claim of a misleading presentation to N.Y. bankers.

If the U.S. truly were prosecuting Huawei for selling to Iran, then officials from Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung probably should never set foot in the U.S. or allied countries. The two Scandinavian companies have numerous employees working in Iran. Samsung is the largest mobile phone vendor.

Bell and Telus are very close to Huawei, which in the industry is highly respected.

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