Busted for using iPhone on Huawei Twitter

From China Weibo to U.S. AppleInsider, stories appeared that a post on Huawei’s Twitter account used an iPhone. Huawei promptly cut the salaries of the employee responsible and his boss by US$700 and dropped them in job class.

Apparently, Huawei’s VPN wasn’t working, a common problem for people accessing Twitter in China. The guy found an iPhone with a Hong Kong SIM and posted New Year’s greetings. The post automatically included “Twitter for iPhone.” From OFWeek, the Huawei report.

On January 1, 2019, Huawei’s official Twitter account posted a New Year’s greeting, and the Twitter for iPhone display appeared in the lower right corner. After the post was posted, the screenshots appeared on some overseas and domestic social media and spread widely. The incident had a negative impact on the brand of Huawei mobile phones.

According to the survey, the post was issued by the “Huawei Overseas Social Media Daily Operation Service Provider Sapient” managed by the digital marketing team. In the course of operation, due to the VPN network problem, Huawei’s official New Year’s greetings could not be released normally. In order to release in time for the New Year’s Eve, use the iPhone to insert a Hong Kong phone card, directly connected to the firewall to post a New Year’s greeting in Huawei’s official Twitter account, not aware of the display of Twitter for iPhone, self-test and The review process did not require viewing the operating system of the Twitter link, resulting in an error.

The incident revealed that the construction and management of our processes are not perfect, some employees have a weak sense of responsibility, and the management of suppliers is not in place. In view of the external adverse effects of the incident, the management team discussed and decided that the penalty for the relevant responsible person is as follows:

Lin Xiaocong (00258763), bears direct responsibility, and is notified of criticism. The individual rank is lowered to 1 and the monthly salary is lowered by 5,000 yuan.

Qu Fanli (00430734), as the head of the digital marketing team, was notified and criticized. The individual rank was lowered to 1 level, the monthly salary was reduced by 5,000 yuan, and the annual assessment was not higher than B. Freeze personal rank promotion, salary increase, freeze period of 12 months, calculated from January 2, 2019.

I hope that everyone will take the lead, strengthen learning and reflection, and constantly improve their professional capabilities. At the same time, strengthen the management of suppliers and partners, and jointly raise awareness of responsibility.

Huawei Public and Government Affairs Department January 3, 2009

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