Interesting Opinion

These ideas are from others. I often disagree.

Orange/France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard
“The question is simple: does Europe have the will to stand out from American positions, to maintain a balance between the imperatives of security and the necessary diversity of equipment? …
 “We are under the yoke of American extraterritorial laws, an unbearable situation. We will not fail but it is very important that Europe assumes its sovereignty in this area. ” (Google translation)

Masa-san dumping Huawei to get Sprint deal approved. In fact, ARM’s move is likely to be inspired by its parent company, Softbank. Softbank has been promoting the merger of its third-largest US operator Sprint and the fourth-largest T-Mobile. It has not been approved before. At this time, it has just dawned. It is afraid that the US government will be in trouble, and it may be a green light. Wide open. Interestingly, Aberdeen Justice acquired a majority stake in Sprint in 2013 for $22 billion and acquired ARM for approximately $32 billion in 2016. Its equity valuation in Alibaba has exceeded $100 billion, and in 2016 it has cashed $10 billion. C114