Huawei shipped 105M phones in China in 2018

Three times as many as Apple in Q4. #1 if Oppo & Vivo are counted as separate companies. #2 if their sales are merged because of common ownership.  Huawei was up 23%. Oppo shipped 83 million and Vivo 79 million.

Xiaomi sold 50 million and Apple 34 million. The “others” were 57 million, down 45%. Samsung is down to almost nothing. Overall, smartphone sales in China fell 11%. Many of us are happy keeping our old phones.

Apple is cutting prices across China to move units. TSMC reported nearly a two quarter supply of chips for iPhone. Phones are a fashion business. “In fashion, one day you are in and the next day out.”

Oppo is investing US$1 billion in research and development. At MWC, they will introduce a phone with a 10X optical zoom. (It runs horizontally to a mirror to fit the size.)

Huawei at MWC will release a 5G phone that unfolds to a 7-inch tablet. It will feature Huawei’s  Everyone except Apple will announce 5G phones at MWC.  Huawei expects to ship in June or July, probably in limited quantities. Few if any are likely to be earlier, despite the announcements.

The data is from Strategy Analytics, which has generally been accurate in the past.

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