Huawei: Samsung’s 5G soon illegal in China

Starting January 1 2019, China will require all new phones to support the SA 5G core. The nominal reason is China wants to promote the SA core. Huawei 5G chips are ready for SA but no others are.

On Weibo, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong wrote, “I hope everyone can provide true 5G mobile phones. NSA will soon be eliminated, SA is true 5G.” believes that’s an indirect warning about Samsung.

Zhang Daijun of Samsung Mobile replied,

NSA and SA have no perceptual difference to ordinary users, and SA will have different perceptions for some industry users.

Zhang is right. There are network reasons for moving to the 5G SA core but few that affect users.

Sina compared the Huawei Mate 20 5G with the Samsung Galaxy 10 5G. Huawei’s 7.2″ screen is slightly bigger. The Samsung comes with 12 GB of memory while the Huawei only 8 GB.

Samsung chose to sell the phone for over US$1100 compared to $900 for Huawei and prices as low as $536 for other quality phones.

Samsung has two more 5G phones coming in 2019.

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