Huawei sales up 36% in Jan & Feb

Trump has lost his war against Huawei, as most engineers predicted. Britain, Germany, India and even Australia are not banning Huawei, although they’ve imposed some restrictions. (NYT)

Huawei sales are not just up, but increasing far above forecast. Some may be customers stocking up to avoid shutdowns, but most is genuine demand. If Huawei growth continues at even 18% the rest of the year, 2019 sales will top US$130 billion.

High growth in 2019 would be remarkable. The bottom is falling out of the phone market, which is down 15% in China. Most people already have phones that do what they need and can put off buying a new one.

If the strong U.S. allies severely cut back on Huawei, that could reduce sales US$5-15 billion. Severe, but not crippling to a US$100 billion company that has been growing faster than more than 15% per year. Trump never had a chance.

Trump is proving to be the best salesman Huawei has ever had. He leaves the impression that no one can compete with the company.

Huawei for 15 years has provided the best support of any major telco vendor, it seems. The company is also far more open than its competitors. Huawei answers almost every reasonable question I put to them. I can’t get even basic data from others, such as the speed and latency of primary 5G products.

The customers, especially the CTOs, don’t want to give up any world-class supplier. Engineers’ comments have persuaded people around the world Huawei is far ahead of others, probably by years.

Reporters and technologists around the world now see Huawei as being far ahead of companies like Ericsson and Samsung.

Huawei certainly is among the top in most areas and is the top in some. The US$15 billion research budget will keep the company among the best. It’s more than the next three in the industry combined. But Ren would be among the first to say other companies are also extremely able.

But the American war has placed it above all others.

Ren Zhengfei: We must dare to compete with the United States for talents. We are treated better than them.

  Every time I come to Moscow, I think of more than 70 years ago, Lieutenant Crockov in World War II, he shouted “There is Moscow behind, we have no retreat”, the kind of heroic spirit of the world, forever. Why are we not today? In the past three decades, I have also seen that Russia, including the former Soviet Union, has cherished the martyrs. For eighty years, they have been standing guardally for the martyrs all the time. This is a philosophical force that heroes have surpassed the nation. The waters of the Yangtze River rush to the sea, regardless of Dujiangyan, Qinhuai River, Shenzhen Ditch…and eventually flow into the Pacific Ocean. This is a rushing, rushing into the main trend, heading to the main battlefield, investing in the era of heroes; or satisfying the circling and tumbling, letting history be eliminated, is the reality that every young person has to face, we must cherish this In a great era, this is also a corporate philosophy. Dajiangdong goes to the waves and will be able to rush into the heroes of the future. The torrent may rush into the Pacific Ocean. The turbulence may become sewage and it will be abandoned.

  For more than 20 years, Russia has no bubble economy. Everyone has the peace of mind to learn. The theory is very profound. I am very happy to work with your colleagues and welcome you to introduce excellent friends, teachers, doctors… Come in and expand exponentially. China’s long-term bubble economy has a greater impact on the style of study, but there is still great progress in engineering creation. The long-term theoretical exploration is still insufficient, and we complement each other.

  We must break through the no-man’s land, create products that humans need more, and more need to increase investment in basic research. Of course, the foundation of basic research is basic education. The basic education of mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, computer science in Russia is very developed. Many schools have won the world mathematics and computer competition for six or seven consecutive years. The education in primary and secondary schools is also relatively scientific. I also revisited the movie “Country Female Teacher” seven or eighty years ago. I was deeply touched. Most of the best talents in the world are now in the United States. If they are only a matter of treatment, we must dare to compete for talent with the United States. We can treat them higher than them and let them start businesses in the motherland.

  We need to improve the treatment of professors and scientists from Russian universities to attract them. They can bring a “light breeze” or live broadcast globally. He is welcome to bring a Ph.D. internship and open his arms. As the United States has been open for two hundred years, it has attracted all outstanding talents to start a business together. It also took 200 years to make us as powerful as the United States.

  We must form an atmosphere, care for the growth of excellent employees, and tolerate some of their shortcomings. In addition to their professionalism and insight, the officers and supervisors must be broad-minded and caring for their growth. A celebrity said, “The fortress is the easiest to loose from the inside. Now the external conditions are bad, the fortress is being strengthened from external pressure.” The company is more united and harder, and the energy density is increasing. In January and February, our sales revenue increased by 35.8%, which is a testimony of everyone’s efforts. Not afraid of difficulties, do not stay behind, and bravely move forward. “I am gambling with youth, tomorrow, you use the true feelings for this life”, we will certainly win.

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