Huawei Report Stupidly Shut Down by Facebook

Without any cause, Facebook took down the page for Huawei Report. There was no indication of how we “violated Facebook’s terms of service,” and there is nothing there that would seem to.

There’s no evidence that a human being even looked at the page. Presumably, some algorithm saw many references to China or something similar and did this automatically.

I did say the US blockade of Huawei was stupid and self-defeating. It is, and I am happy to explain that in a court of law.

Takeaway: Faacebook’s monitoring of content often mistakenly blocks ordinary content that is in no way offensive. At minimum the particular reason for blocking should be revealed. It should reveal whether a human or an algorithm made the decision. If an algorithm, it should provide an easy way to request review by a human.

The review of questioned decisions would also provide important data for improving the algorithm.

This is my note to Facebook asking for review.

Because it is a modest news page and had nothing that would seem to violate Facebook policies.
Please get back to me with the apparent violation within 48 hours and I will swiftly change it.
This is a news site, which is not the kind of thing you should block without a cause

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