Huawei in BT 5G release – invisible ink

22 May 2019

Oppo, One Plus at BT; URLLC 2023

BT huawei phone in release 230

BT told reporters they yanked the Huawei Mate 20 from the announcement because of the U.S. war. It forgot to take Huawei out of the press release. I discovered what you see at left when I pasted in for this article. (type made larger)I’m sure someone in the Chinese embassy is already talking to the government – if they can figure out who’s running the British government as May considers how to resign.

The deployment is almost surely small. I draw that conclusion from the failure of BT to release availability maps or the number of homes passed/radios installed. The only interesting news is that the pr says BT will start URLLC in 2023.

They are the first in the world to confirm URLLC, the faster version that drops “air latency” from ~10 ms to 5 ms or less. True latency – the time from a phone to the nearest server – will be ~5 ms less than the 15-30 ms without URLLC. A little more here

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