Huawei building a map like Apple & Google

High precision maps are a huge strategic advantage, consulted every day by hundreds of millions. Caixin speculates this is the first step into producing an autonomous car. There’s a more obvious path to profit using the data on the web and selling map data. Uber paid Google US$68 million for map data.

The quality of the information in Google’s Waze astounds me. It warns us of an obstacle coming up on the highway and offers alternate routes when it detects congestion. We almost never get lost anymore. Building a map of that quality costs hundreds of millions.

Huawei is now facing the Law of Large Numbers. It’s so big in telecom network gear there’s almost no way to grow. It looks to become #1 in mobile phones. It needs to find new lines of business to grow.

Televisions will probably be one. The Chinese press says Huawei is close to market with both 4K and 8K TVs with 5G modems built in. Maps could be another.

Announcement on the review of Grade A surveying and mapping qualifications by 7 units including Beijing Huawei Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

  According to the “People’s Republic of China Surveying and Mapping Law” and “Surveying and Mapping Qualification Management Regulations” and “Surveying and Mapping Qualification Grading Standards” (Guo Zheng Guan Fa [2014] No. 31), our department is responsible for Beijing Huawei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tella Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd. Company, Henan Geological Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau Third Geological Exploration Institute, Guangzhou Fine Measurement Information Technology Co., Ltd., Mianyang Tianyan Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Sino-Shanxi Nuclear Industry Group Geological Survey Institute Co., Ltd., Ningxia Tuo Jingwei Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd., etc. 7 The application for Grade A surveying and mapping qualifications of the employer has been reviewed, and the review opinions are now publicized. The publicity time is from July 5, 2019 to July 11, 2019.

  During the publicity period, any unit or individual may object to the results of the public announcement and may report it to the Department of Land Surveying and Mapping of our Ministry. The unit needs to be stamped with the official seal, and the individual should report the real name and leave the contact number, address, and postal code.

  This batch is approved as a Class A surveying and mapping unit, and the public can check it on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources (

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