Huawei AI chip in unbelieveable Remo camera

The OBSBOT Tail (left) can automatically track a basketball player across the court in a crowd or track a skateboarder up and down across the rink. No cameraman needed.

Do watch the videos below. It’s on a three-axis gimbal and can rotate a full 360 degrees while shooting 4K.

Inside is a Huawei HiSilicon 3559A AI chip which delivers teraflops of computing power. The system can recognize hand gestures for control, adjust camera parameters based on the scene, and track a person despite the people around her.

The camera is available on Kickstarter for about US$500. Do click through and watch amazing video.

Huawei’s HiSilicon generally only sells to the parent company. But Johnson Cheung of Remo-AI tells me that for TV and other businesses HiSilicon is reaching out to others.

The Obsbot is lightweight and small enough at 7.3 inches by 3.3 inches to be easily portable, and the battery life is a little over two hours.

I’m sure the AI isn’t perfect but with that kind of computing power it will just get better. I think we’re going to buy one. Take a look at the video, followed by the press release.

OBSBOT Tail, be your own actor, director and cameraman, all at the same time


Remo Tech Announces OBSBOT Tail, the World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera English 

Jan 10, 2019, 12:31 ET


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Remo Technology, creators of artificial-intelligence cameras, unveiled the OBSBOT Tail, the world’s first AI-powered autonomous director camera, at CES on Jan 8th.

Designed to capture active moments in life, without relying on a cameraman, or frequently adjusting the device, the OBSBOT Tail’s compact size at just 7.3 inches by 3.3 inches is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and optical zoom lens. Capture the perfect composition, whether dancing, skateboarding, live streaming, documenting kid’s lives, without getting cut out of the shot.

Remo Tech’s flagship product -- the world’s first auto-director AI camera OBSBOT Tail
Remo Tech’s flagship product — the world’s first auto-director AI camera OBSBOT Tail

Embedded with a sophisticated AI powered by a HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, OBSBOT Tail not only shoots in 4K video and 12MP photos, while displaying video in up to HDR10 quality, it also offers a suite of complex AI filming modes that puts users in full control of how the shot is composed, leaving the heavy lifting of capturing the videos to OBSBOT Tail.

“OBSBOT Tail is a groundbreaking camera that makes sophisticated filming techniques and filming complex movements readily accessible to anyone, with just a tap of a button,” said Bo Liu, CEO and Founder of Remo Technology. “We’ve worked with dozens of dance groups, street sports teams and vloggers to design a camera that can truly capture movement. We hope that with OBSBOT Tail, people can enjoy the freedom of expressing their creativity through videos, without the hassle of getting help from others, or having to endure the complex process of setting up or adjusting a camera.”

About Remo Technology

Started in 2016, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and a research center in Hangzhou, China, Remo Technology is a camera company dedicated to pushing the boundary of camera industry with new ideas and technologies including AI. As the main brand by Remo Tech, “OBSBOT” has brought to world the first Auto-Director AI camera “OBSBOT Tail” in January 2019.

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