FBI attacking Huawei for testing “unbreakable” diamond-coated screen

It’s essentially impossible for a company with 180,000 employees around the world not to occasionally go over the line. With the U.S. and other security forces investigating massively, they are sure to find something.

“Nobody’s perfect” as Joe E. Brown said to Marilyn Monroe. My observation is that Huawei is at least as ethical as other large companies and more careful than most.

Adam Kahn has developed a break resistant glass screen for cellphones which is coated on one side with a microthin layer of artificial diamond. He sent a sample to Huawei in San Diego for testing. It was broken when returned.

He claims Miraj Diamond Glass is 6 times stronger than Corning Gorilla Glass, used in the best mobile phones. It seems logical that the normal way to test a claim like that is to stress it to the breaking point. Kahn says that’s a violation of his rules.

The FBI jumped in with several agents and three separate body taps in when Kahn met with Huawei at CES. They found that Huawei had sent the sample to China for testing.

That may or may not be a violation of U.S. export rules on certain sensitive items that could have a military use. Cell phone screens are not an obvious military tool.

Something funny is going on here. The Bloomberg reporter observed the FBI attempted sting.

With the combined security forces of half a dozen U.S. allies putting almost unlimited resources to digging dirt on Huawei, there will probably be more like this.

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