Euro telcos back Huawei

“You really need a global, open vendor equipment market, which is needed for operators to be able to pursue a multi-vendor strategy,” ETNO’s Maarit Palovirta asserts. ETNO speaks in Brussels for giant telcos like Deutsche Telekom. Like most policy types, she rarely says things directly. It’s clear “open vendor equipment” is meant to address Huawei.

A reporter for <a major newspaper> just told me the carriers support Huawei so strongly because the service has been excellent. That’s what I hear from all the tech people, especially in Europe.

Ten years ago, Huawei had to cut prices to win initial market share. That’s no longer necessary. Nokia said it actually underbid Huawei in China. The Washington Post still gets that wrong.

Palovirta really does need to rethink some of her other comments. With no new use cases developing, there’s no reason to think 5G will have an interesting economic impact. As Dean Bubley and Deutsche Telekom have pointed out, almost everything claimed for industrial 5G works fine in 4G or Wi-Fi.

Separately, the Africans and most Latin Americans continue to choose Huawei.


  1. daveAugust 23, 2020

    Don Clarke, a very respected technologist, commented on Linkedin, “It is reassuring to see European telcos and regulatory authorities taking sensible and measured steps to maintain European sovereignty over the evolution of European telecommunications infrastructure while ensuring security continues to be a top priority. I particularly welcomed this statement: “Standardisation is increasing in importance now. Global standards are being more and more recognised by policy makers as being important,” explained Palovirta.

    Huawei has been, and remains, a long time key contributor to key telecommunications standards. I would even go as far as to speculate that vitally important standards such 3GPP 5G may not have progressed so quickly had Huawei resources been excluded.

    We discuss the importance of telecom ecosystem diversity and standards in our white paper. We invite industry feedback and your comments would be welcomed”

  2. daveAugust 23, 2020

    Mark Lutkowitz then asked, “Has not Europe surrendered standards activities to China?” I recognize China now has a leading roled in standards, including 3GPP for wireless and 802.11 for Wi-Fi. But Europeans, Americans, Koreans, and Japanese continue to play a strong role as well.


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