Dave in Washington Post

Jeanne Whalen was kind enough to include me in her article. (Might have paywall)

“Unlike ZTE, Huawei makes some of its own semiconductor chips, and Huawei can tap alternative, non-U.S. suppliers for some parts and technology, analysts said. “There are very few [parts] they can’t just buy from Japan or Korea or France today,” said Dave Burstein, a telecom analyst for STL Partners who recently began publishing Huawei Report & News.

Huawei also has about $38 billion in cash and short-term securities it can tap to weather the storm, Burstein noted. And recent quarterly earnings reports from some U.S. tech firms have suggested that Huawei may have been stockpiling parts before the White House ban, in anticipation of a possible blockade, Burstein said.”

In a few minutes I’ll post “90% of Huawei U.S. purchases can be rapidly replaced,” after I fix a few things. It has the explanation and backup for what I say here.

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