Chinese Suggest England is Spying on Huawei

The evidence is so weak I normally wouldn’t report something like this. But this is exactly the kind of thing spy agencies do. MI5 is not going to officially confirm anything.

The official China Daily quotes Kishore Mahbubani, a former Singaporean diplomat who was President of the United Nations Security Council:

According to a business executive from the UK said his country had planted its intelligence officer in Huawei and “scrubbed everything”, and confirmed “Huawei was not a threat to us”.

China Daily

Kishore is a strong advocate of The Asian Century and often critical of the West. The story is based on an anonymous source. But it rings true to me.

Huawei has thousands of employees in England, the US, and Canada. It would be very surprising if MI5 and the CIA did not recruit employees.

I don’t know the size of the British security apparatus, but it’s certainly large enough to have several dozen allocated to Huawei. The CIA & NSA spend over $80 billion and are said to have over 60,000 employees.

Huawei is a primary target with probably hundreds assigned to surveill it. I’m sure anyone with any connection to the company is watched.

Which may include Dave Burstein in New York, who has attended Huawei events.

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