U.S. versus Huawei on Iran

Samsung is the largest phone provider in Iran. Nokia and Ericsson are active, as is Huawei. U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker asserts, “Huawei and its Chief Financial Officer broke U.S. law.” In a very unusual fashion, Whitaker, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (center,)
Kirstjen Nielsen of Homeland Security, and another official announce the indictment. (Pictured.)

The complete announcement.

Chinese Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng Charged With Financial Fraud

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Huawei new TIANGANG chip for millions of base stations

Huawei has a realistic hope of shipping 100,000 5G base stations in 2019 and millions more in future years. That allows them to amortize the chip development cost over a large volume. (Chips like this cost tens or hundreds of millions to develop.)

Nomura analyst Bing Duan estimates China will deploy 172,000 bases in 2019, more than the entire rest of world. Huawei and ZTE usually get 30%-40% of the orders, taking Huawei much of the way to 100,000 units.

China Tower expects 2,000,000 by 2022-2023. Bing sees 5,000,000 total by 2025. Those figures seem a miracle to Westeners but China has performed miracles in the past. The country has 344 million fibre homes connected. Most were delivered in four years.

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5G phone Balong 5000 chips

Huawei’s HiSilicon is by far the largest chip company in China, rapidly climbing the world rankings. So it’s no surprise they are alongside Qualcomm as the first two to volume production of 5G chips. The Balong 5000 is produced on the TSMC 7 nm production line, alongside Qualcomm. The chip will power a 5G hub and the 5G folding phone coming at MWC

Both chips are likely to be in extremely short supply until the summer and sell only modestly in 2019. Apple had bought 70% of the 7 nm production capability for the iPhone, leaving little for all others. Slow iPhone sales may open wafers for others.

HiSilicon has 20,000,000,000 transistors in the KUNPENG 920 server chip, more than any other chip yet announced. The Kunpeng has strong AI capabilities, many of which will likely appear in the Balong.

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Huawei shipped 105M phones in China in 2018

Three times as many as Apple in Q4. #1 if Oppo & Vivo are counted as separate companies. #2 if their sales are merged because of common ownership.  Huawei was up 23%. Oppo shipped 83 million and Vivo 79 million.

Xiaomi sold 50 million and Apple 34 million. The “others” were 57 million, down 45%. Samsung is down to almost nothing. Overall, smartphone sales in China fell 11%. Many of us are happy keeping our old phones.

Apple is cutting prices across China to move units. TSMC reported nearly a two quarter supply of chips for iPhone. Phones are a fashion business. “In fashion, one day you are in and the next day out.”Continue reading

20,000,000,000 transistors in Kunpeng 920 server chip

Huawei announced yet another 7 nm chip, designed for the servers Huawei is building for telco networks. It seems to be the largest chip yet announced. Apple and Qualcomm have 16 million transistor chips and Huawei’s Kirin 980 is in the same class.

Designs at that level require hundreds of engineers and cost hundreds of millions. None of the other telecom companies have announced any.

TSMC is the only place on earth that can produce 7 nanometer chips like this today. Samsung is doing similar but I don’t think they are selling any yet. Intel’s “10 nanometer” is comparable but not yet in production.

Huawei will be shipping hundreds of thousands of servers in the next three years.

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Honor camera beats iPhone

Sam Byford at The Verge tested the new Honor 20 with 48 megapixel Sony camera against the iPhone XS Max. The Honor with the Sony IMX586 took better photos at about half the price.

Honor 20 camera vs iPhone XS camera
Click for full size

Byford has side by side and sliding comparisons. The IMX clearly captures more detail. It’s an impressive phone, a 6.4″ LCD with a top of the line Kirin 980. It’s pricing from US$500-700.

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Oxford blocking Huawei

Oxford will “not pursue new funding opportunities… at present” with Huawei. Universities usually resist pressure from the security forces, but Oxford has given in and blocked any new projects. (BBC)

Huawei supports work at the Universities of Cambridge, Surrey, Cardiff as well as Imperial College

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Ren “Moreover, 5G has actually exaggerated its role”

” Human society has no such urgent need for 5G. People’s current needs are broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband ”

“4G, which is enough for use.”
“4G we provide can reach 300~400 megabytes”

Ren is echoing what the technical community knows. The 4G advances are more than enough for 97% of practical purposes. In Google Translation more

“5G has actually exaggerated its role, and more people have exaggerated the achievements of Huawei. Because we ran too fast, our young people couldn’t hold back their excitement, and when they talked about it, they exaggerated things. In fact, human society has no such urgent need for 5G. People’s current needs are broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband. 5G has a very, very large connotation. The occurrence of these connotations requires more demand and a long period of time. Don’t think of 5G as a wave, the tide is coming, wealth is coming, catch it quickly, and you can’t miss it. The development of 5G must be slow. Japan and South Korea are still 4G, and Japan and South Korea are very good at using 4G, which is enough for use. Our 4G is not used well. Opening my mobile phone is only 20~30 megabytes. In fact, the 4G we provide can reach 300~400 megabytes, which is enough to watch 8K TV. But our network, when opened during the day, only two or thirty trillion, can only see 4K, can not see 8K TV. why? The network structure is not good. What is the bad network structure? There is still no mathematician studying the network structure of operators . Therefore, the problem of network structure has not been solved, and 5G is similar to 4G. It’s like my mouth is big, but my throat is very small. I can’t swallow a large piece of meat. Therefore, the base station that is not 5G is omnipotent, so don’t worry about it. 5G next estimated to enter the millimeter wave, millimeter wave is as long as you double the money, the bandwidth can be increased by one hundred times, that is, you can download dozens of high-definition video in one second, which we can all in the laboratory Made completely. 5G is not yet fully utilized for the time being, too fast. “

Absurdities in anti-Huawei U.S. bill

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas claims, “Huawei is effectively an intelligence-gathering arm of the Chinese Communist Party whose founder and CEO was an engineer for the People’s Liberation Army. … they should receive nothing less than the death penalty-which this denial order would provide.”

This is ridiculous. It’s certainly possible that sometime in the last decade, Huawei somewhere cooperated with its government. Cisco, Microsoft, and Intel regularly do so. No evidence has been presented, making it wildly unlikely it regularly “gathers intelligence.”

Should China demand the “death penalty” for Verizon, which almost certainly assists the U.S. government worldwide surveillance. Should Twitter be destroyed for taking an active role in Iranian politics? 

If the Chinese leadership isn’t stupid, they are carrying out a crash project to produce alternatives to the few products not currently “Made in China.”

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Huawei AI chip in unbelieveable Remo camera

The OBSBOT Tail (left) can automatically track a basketball player across the court in a crowd or track a skateboarder up and down across the rink. No cameraman needed.

Do watch the videos below. It’s on a three-axis gimbal and can rotate a full 360 degrees while shooting 4K.

Inside is a Huawei HiSilicon 3559A AI chip which delivers teraflops of computing power. The system can recognize hand gestures for control, adjust camera parameters based on the scene, and track a person despite the people around her.

The camera is available on Kickstarter for about US$500. Do click through and watch amazing video.

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Huawei exec arrested in Poland

Weijing Wang, Huawei sales director, was arrested on suspicion of spying. No evidence was presented that the company was involved or approved. An executive from Orange was arrested as well. No other information has been released. Update: Huawei fired him.

Huawei fighting for reasonable royalties

Huawei has brought InterDigital to court in China demanding a reasonable royalty. U.S. and British courts are part of a broken system that if unchecked would add 40% to 70% to the cost of an inexpensive smartphone.* That’s unacceptable if you believe connecting the world is important.

Huawei initially won a ruling in China that a “reasonable” royalty “should not exceed 0.019% of the actual sales price of each Huawei product.”

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