Aptoide in Portugal could replace Google Apps

Aptoide is an alternate app store that claims 200,000,000 users. It is popular with gamers and works with Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. The CEO told Dinheiro Vivo it was already in contact with Huawei. It could be linked in weeks.

I as a user can go to Aptoide and download Android apps. It doesn’t ask the brand of my phone.

In addition, even if I bought a Huawei phone in the future, I as an individual could presumably go the Google app store and download the Google apps I want. Nobody knows for sure, including senior government people.

Unfortunately, neither Aptoide nor any of the other alternative app stores have close to the millions of apps on Google, making them only partial substitutes outside China.

Aptoide has had limited funding. Tencent, Alibaba, and Huawei already have sophisticated systems as well as funding. Aptoide could enter hyper growth with support like that.

For political reasons, Aptoide might ally with Tencent or Alibaba, who already cooperate with Huawei.

From Phandroid, a selection of alternate app stores anyone can access today:

APKMirror. A very valuable source for anyone who goes beyond the obvious applications. My Amazon Kindle blocks Google Play but with APK files I can load almost anything, including Google Chrome.

Amazon App Store


F-Droid offers free and open source applications, a growing group.

Uptodown seeks to mimic Google but has far fewer apps

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