Apple could buy Huawei 5G modems

Intel, Apple’s preferred supplier, has missed important delivery milestones on 5G modem, according to UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri, but denied by Intel. If so, Apple could turn to Huawei, Engadget suggests, citing a source that sounds like a Huawei leak.

Huawei is now the largest chip designer in China, with sales in the billions. It is actively selling some chips, such as high end TV processors, to others. As far as I know, Huawei hasn’t offered any 5G chips.

Tim Cook would love to buy from China. Apple, Qualcomm, and Broadcom are doing everything they can to persuade the Chinese they are as much a Chinese company as an American one. The kowtowing is clear in the Chinese language press.

The collapse in Apple sales in China dropped their stock value something like US$100B. Of course Trump and friends will scream, which would only help Apple sales in most of the world.

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