4 Camera, High Zoom P30 Phone March 26, Paris

Oppo was the first to demonstrate high zoom “periscope” smartphone cameras, but Huawei looks to be the first to market. An 8-10X optical zoom will allow many pictures that at best come out fuzzy today. Bravo!

Jennie was enthused when we saw one of the first Huawei 3 camera phones. Going to four cameras will be even better, but the improved processing power probably will do more for most ordinary pictures. In particular, the new chips from HiSilicon and Qualcomm have dedicated AI cores.

Visual processing is one of the great successes of AI – the cops can now find your face in a crowd. It’s become a cliche that the photo software is now more important than the camera chip and other hardware. It’s impossible to determine how well the software works from a spec sheet or even a typical demo. The indications here are promising.

The cost of the cameras has come far down, with Sony’s new US$billion plant a major factor. The cost of processing – whether traditional or AI – also is dropping. The techniques of machine learning and AI are improving at a ferocious rate. All phones are taking much better pictures, with Huawei, Google, and Apple regularly out doing each other.

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