10M Huawei phones sold in China July

Huawei continues to gain share in the Chinese mobile phone market, taking about a third of the sales in July. About a million P30 Pro phones sold, at a price close to US$1,000.

In the first three months of 2019, Huawei sold 60 million phones worldwide. Since then, international sales have fallen. German sales were cut in half in May.

Dan Strumpf in the WSJ sees, ” patriotic buying spree helps to blunt the impact of widening U.S. restrictions on the telecommunications giant. Huawei has also increased advertising in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, and “other” are faltering in China sales. Oppo & Vivo, both owned by BBK, were #2 & #3 in the market. Their combined sales have been roughly matching Huawei this year.

Huawei sold a million Mate 20 Pro 5G phones in the first half of August, augering well for continued high sales.

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