10G PON: Huawei, ZTE $700M Win at China Unicom

Although the Chinese telcos are thinking ahead to 25G & 50G PON, the workhorse system is 10G EPON and XG PON. Huawei is already building advanced optical lasers and has a strong position. ZTE’s lower cost structure keeps them in the game. They slightly underbid Huawei for the Unicom contract. (CWW)

China connected 400 million with FTTH in four years a while back. Most of the country is already covered, although at less than 10 Gbps. I don’t know how much of this is for new construction (huge in China) and how much for upgrades. AT&T, Bell Canada, and other Western companies are now installing 10G by default. The saving with slower 2.5 GPON is small.

10G is enough for the 5G wireless build. The Chinese have already built 1.6 million 5G cells, more than the rest of the world combined.

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